Frame Vintage Prints and Posters

Frame Vintage Prints and Posters

At Frames Now, we frame vintage prints and posters on a regular basis, ensuring your piece is preserved. All things vintage are becoming popular once again. This rise in vintage fashions is strong in picture framing. We regularly frame original and reproduction vintage prints and posters.

Original Vintage Prints

One of the difficulties when you frame vintage prints is paper is one of the most fragile substances in our everyday lives. Left exposed, it goes brittle and discolours. It is also incredibly easy to crease, tear, or otherwise damage. For these reasons, correct framing techniques are vital. It is especially worthy to note that a lot of vintage art – due to its rarity – is quite valuable. To keep it valuable, it can’t be damaged by the framing process. This makes custom framing a popular choice for original prints.

Frames Now’s picture framers have all the skills required to preserve a vintage print when framing. All of our matboards are acid-free (to prevent further acid damage to the vintage artwork). Acid-free backing boards are also available. To finish off the preservation, you need a conservation grade of picture frame glass. Most conservation glass used by Frames Now is 99% UV resistant. UV resistance prevents fading and ongoing yellowing of vintage paper.

Reproduction Vintage Prints

Thanks to the availability of print and poster websites, much cheaper reproductions of vintage artworks are readily available to frame. These cheaper prints, often printed with superior modern papers and inks, don’t necessarily require the same preservation as an original vintage print.

Popular frame choices for reproduction vintage prints are from our pre-made (also called ready-made) range. We have pre-made frames in stock up to large poster sizes. All frames are a standard size, so will suit standard poster sizes. If the poster is not a standard frame size, we can adapt it with a matboard. Matboards (called mats, borders, surrounds) come in many colours. Most of Frames Now’s stores can cut mats on the spot.

Visit your local store for the best advice on framing your vintage print or poster.

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