What Is a Panoramic Frame?

What Is a Panoramic Frame?

panoramic frames

A Panoramic frame is a very wide and narrow frame, they can be a little hard to find because of their unusual ratio, luckily at Frames Now we have a beautiful range of different sized panoramic frames. If your image does not fit into our size range, we can handcraft a frame to perfectly fit your piece!

Framing your precious photo or artwork

Picture framing is quite simple really, your image will be protected behind glass and carefully sealed, ready to decorate your wall! Framing your treasured photos or artwork, be it original or highly sentimental has so many wonderful benefits. You will be encapsulating a moment of time and be able to proudly display it for years to come and we will help you every step of the way!

We specialise in framing all sorts of long and narrow artwork and photos, we can even frame:

  • Long and narrow objects, like sports memorabilia and other wonderful items

  • Specialised art prints with 3D values to it

  • Beautiful landscape photography (even from your own phone!)

I have an object I would like to frame, can this be done?

At Frames now, we see all sorts of wonderful objects come through our doors, we get variations of sporting memorabilia like cricket bats, tennis rackets, vinyl, even an Olympic torch! The great news is, we can present all these unusually shaped objects beautifully and very elegantly.

Sometimes we see multiple art prints come in, and to show them off in a unique way, we can pop them all in a long and narrow frame, with a matboard around each image to seperate them. This creates a fantastic series of images that can be viewed as a story, we have seen people frame comics this way, artwork, and photography as well. Each image is carefully placed and secured, with the glass preserving them.

Be inspired by our framing portfolio

We can even print and frame panoramic images from your phone!

Do you have an image on your phone taken from your favourite location? If you’re not sure if your landscape image can be printed panorama style, we can help you! Our friendly team is more than happy to help. We will consult with you to show you exactly how your image will look cropped in a panoramic style! We have seen amazing results coming from people who take casual photos from their phones or camera. Call or come by your nearest store to find out more!

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