Gallery Wall photo framing tips

Picture Framing Trade Show

Gallery Wall photo framing tips

January, again, sees our Managing Director, Glenn, visit the West Coast Art and Picture Framing trade show in Las Vegas.

This trade show is the pinnacle of picture framing shows on the planet. There are over 100 educational workshops, how-to series, and lectures. Everything you could ever imagine to be associated to the picture framing industry is at this show. Picture frames, ready-made frames, computerised mat cutters (CMC’s). All the picture framing equipment in one place at the one time.

It is believed apart from Frames Now, there may be other Melbourne Picture Framers attending this framing trade show this year.

The exhibit hall has picture framing moulding suppliers, aluminium frame wholesalers, matboard companies, wooden picture frame suppliers, frames for paintings, tapestries, certificates, family photographs. And every frame imaginable, black, gold, silver, wooden, and any number of timber frame finishes. Photo frames in all the standard sizes.

There is machinery for stretching oil paintings and canvases, computerised mat cutters for cutting mats for picture frames, saws for cutting picture frame mouldings, v-nailers for joining wooden picture frames, aluminium frame cutting and joining equipment.

There is computerised software to work out the price of picture frames and even visualising your completed picture frame before the picture framer even makes your frame.

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