How to avoid damage when moving Picture Frames

While a lavishly designed picture frame can bring a myriad of aesthetic benefits to a space, once it comes to moving picture frames, many people can find themselves fearful of their fate. As you can likely guess, picture frames are relatively fragile by design, and while high quality picture frame manufacturers will take steps to ensure they are as durable as possible, a moving van can pose major threats to their wellbeing when not handled correctly.

So, what should you do when moving picture frames?

Luckily, if you’re struggling with the idea of getting a frame to its new home, you’re not alone. Therefore, there are a wide variety of tips and tricks that can be utilised to ensure your precious picture frames make it through the ordeal in one piece.

Use the right packing material when moving picture frames

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The right material will be dependent on an array of factors when moving your picture frames, however, the most important to consider is size. Regardless of how sturdy a packing material is, an improperly sized box won’t offer the support required for effective movement.

For the packing of smaller picture frames, you should use small to medium-sized boxes. Make sure that you are using a box that is clean, with a sturdy top and bottom to avoid breakage at an inopportune moment.

It’s also important to ensure that the box you’re using is dry, as moisture can quickly seep into your frame; potentially damaging the picture within.

When it comes to larger picture frames and other sizeable pieces of artwork, it might be a good idea to get speciality boxes made. There are a wide variety of moving supply shops that will supply these for a relatively affordable price. This will ensure that you get the highest level of support for your picture frames by avoiding any unnecessary empty space in the box.


Another important factor when moving picture frames, stuffing is often overlooked as a vital part of the process. Try to find materials that are unlikely to leave scuff marks or blemishes. Some of the most common stuffing options include packing paper, linen and bubble wrap, all of which can be easily acquired from a moving supply shop.

Wrapping Your Picture Frames

While the outer box will protect your frame from impact damage, it’s the wrapping of your picture frame that stops it from developing cosmetic wear throughout the moving process. The selection of materials used for stuffing is effectively the same as choosing your wrapping material, as it’s important to find a relatively sturdy material that won’t have too much of an impact on your frame.

To start, lay out your material on a large, flat surface. To ensure that you have enough material to cover the frame, try laying it so that the ends overlap; giving you the same amount of paper, linen or bubble wrap on both sides.

Then, proceed to lay your frame glass-first against the material before wrapping the ends around to the other side. Once this is done, you can begin placing packing tape around the picture frame, both horizontally and vertically to provide optimal support.

If you are planning on packing several frames into one box, it’s important to wrap each frame individually to avoid impact damage from picture frames hitting together.

Moving Truck Placement

When moving picture frames trying to decide where in the van you should put your frames can be a tough decision, try to make sure that each one is placed on its side, rather than flat. Placing picture frames on a flat surface will force them to absorb more pressure which, in turn, increases the likelihood of glass cracking or shattering.

Other Tips

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For those that want a little extra support, there are steps that can be put in place to provide additional protection against damage. These include:

Corner Protectors

Simple and quite effective when attempting to shield the corners of your frame, cardboard corner protectors will provide a little extra peace of mind, and can be cheaply bought from most supply retailers.

Space Saving

If you happen to be moving a large piece of furniture, such as a wardrobe, keeping your packed picture frames in here will both save on space and add an additional layer of protection during the move.

Using Everything At Your Disposal

Moving home tends to involve a large amount of furniture which is unlikely to be moved or shifted when being transported. Therefore, wedging your packed picture frames between these heavier objects will provide extra support, whilst also ensuring that space is being used effectively.

Moving can be a difficult idea when it comes to picture frames, but with a little preparation, you can feel secure in the knowledge that they will make it through the ordeal. For those that are hoping to add some additional framing to their new abode, Frames Now offers an exceptional range of stylish, high quality picture frames at affordable prices. Explore our range today!



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