Custom Framing for Batik Paintings

Custom Framing for Batik Paintings

Batik paintings have the unique nature of being both fabric or cloth (like a tapestry) and paint (like a canvas). This presents some unique challenges to correctly framing a batik painting.

Because of their fabric, it is more common in framing them to frame them behind glass. Dust causes the vibrant colours of the batik to fade, and the glass helps to protect the framed batik from the dust.

In this particular custom frame example, the artwork has been framed with a combination of three picture frame mouldings. The white frames balance the details of the artwork. The blue coloured frame balances against the very dark colours of the painting.

Alternatively, batik paintings can be framed with matboards (often called mats, borders or surrounds). Both framing options allow for the material to be professionally stretched by the framer. The main benefits of mats are:

  • More visual breathing room to be given to the image

  • There is a far greater range of available colours to chose from, than in custom frame mouldings.

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Alternative framing options

A final option involves employing the use of a ready-made frame, rather than a custom frame. Generally, ready-made frames come in a range of basic colours. A white frame would have been suitable for this frame. Other pre-made frame colours include, black, mocha (dark timber), walnut (light timber), and silver in a modern look. Traditional style ready-made frames come in gold and silver.

Frames Now will always guide you on the most suitable framing solution for your batik painting.

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