Japanese Fan Custom Picture Framing

Japanese Fan Custom Picture Framing

What a wonderful way to have a memory of a trip of a lifetime.

By custom framing this Japanese fan, our client from Malvern was able to have a permanent memory of their 25th wedding anniversary trip to Japan, The client living in Malvern is only minutes away from our High Street Prahran store. Working with Alex, one of our experienced picture framer designers, the client was able to frame their fan in a way that suited both their house and the fan itself.

The custom picture frame also had museum glass which not only protects the fan with 99.9% of UV light protective but has amazing clarity. Custom picture framing allows for complete personalisation of a framing project and by working with our award-winning picture frames the Malvern client was able to have a permanent memory of their wedding anniversary.

The picture framing was completed in a way that it is 100% reversible so that the integrity and financial value of the fan is always protected. This level of custom picture framing is called conservation framing and al the Frames Now accredited framers are trained in conservation picture framing. Conservation Picture Framing standards can be achieved using our ready-made range of picture frames by optioning in the relevant materials.

Whether you are custom framing the fan like our Malvern client or using ready-made frames, Frames Now will ensure that you are never compromised in either design or level of framing you wish to achieve.

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