Custom Picture Framing for Original Art, Pastels and Charcoals

Custom Picture Framing for Original Art, Pastels and Charcoals

Any picture framer can frame an original pastel or original charcoal artwork – but not all of them know the special lengths that Frames Now go to protect and preserve valuable or sentimentally important original artworks.

With pastel art and charcoal art (also, pencil art and crayon art) the matboards in the picture frames are vitally important. While the hundreds of available colours will give a picture frame an exciting and decorative finish, they also serve the purpose of separating the original artwork from the framing glass, to prevent the pastel or charcoal rubbing or transferring onto the clear glass.

It is also important to have a small spacer between your matboards (often called mats or borders), so that an unsealed pastel or unsealed charcoal can drop fine dust down underneath the matboards, rather than spoiling them.

Ready-made frames

Frames Now has an extensive collection of ready-made frames available in a large range of standard sizes. Most original artworks can be fit into a standard frame with clever use of matboards, which offers a cost-effective result (without compromise to the final look of the framed artwork) to our large clientele of artists.

Custom picture framing

If you prefer a more tailored result, custom picture framing lends itself to original artworks. Our friendly picture framers love showing customers how to select the perfect frame from the hundreds of available options.

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