Dried flower framing

Dried flower framing

Dried Flowers Framing

Dried flowers are a beautiful way of bringing the outdoors inside! Whether it’s flowers you have taken the time to press or a dried flower that reminds you of a special time, dried flower framing is a great way of preserving your artwork for years to come. In this blog, we will discuss how to press or air-dry your flowers and how to frame and display them beautifully.

Different types of dried flower framing

Flowers are incredibly symbolic in the type and colour of the flower chosen. Quite often you are gifted a flower or you have chosen a flower personally for various reasons:

  • The first red rose your partner ever gave you

  • Flowers from a funeral wreath to remember your loved one

  • Flowers you’ve taken the time to press and then arranged in a design

  • Wedding bouquet

  • Corsage from a ball

  • Birthday bouquet

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How to press your flowers

It’s sad when flowers wilt and have to be thrown away, especially the kind given for important events. So why not press them to preserve and display?

  • Start off by choosing the flowers you wish to keep. It’s best to press them when they are still fresh.

  • Don’t forget about the leaves either as they can really add so much to the finished design.

  • Find a thick book or textbook that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Separate your flowers and place on blank pieces of paper or tissue paper and close the book.

  • Place other books or heavy objects on top because you want a lot of weight to keep out any moisture. Try not to peek for at least two weeks!

  • When you are ready to remove the flowers, gently peel them off the pages or use a tweezer so as to try and not damage them.


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Dried flower framing – air drying your bouquet

Whether it’s a wedding bouquet or the first rose your partner gave you, framing your dried bouquet can be a beautiful addition to your home. Here are the steps involved when air drying your bouquet

  • Preserve

    Wrap twine or rubber bands around the stems when the flowers are fresh in order to preserve their shape.

  • Hang the flowers

    Hang the flowers upside down in a cool, dry place for a few weeks. By hanging your flowers upside down, you ensure that they dry in an upright position once you flip them back over.

  • Wait and frame

    After approximately four weeks the colours will have subdued and the petals shrunk. After giving the flowers enough time to thoroughly dry they can then go into a picture frame. Ensuring the flowers are thoroughly dry avoids the risk of mould developing overtime when they are in the picture frame.

Dried flower framing

Frames Now has framed many dried flower arrangements over the 49 years we have been in business! Dried flowers, whether they are pressed or air dried, are often 3D which means it will require the custom framing process.

  • Frame mouldings

    As your dried flowers are 3D, you will need to choose a frame moulding that has a certain amount of depth to not only hold your artwork, but the glass backing board and mat boards.

  • Matboards

    Frames Now matboards are acid-free which means they will preserve your dried flower framing. Your design consultant can help you choose the right colour or texture to enhance the tones within your flowers.

  • Glass

    As colour fades when it is exposed to light, it is important to choose a UV protected glass such as Conservation Clear or Museum glass.

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