Father's Day Story From Melissa, Anthony and Baby Oliver

Father's Day Story From Melissa, Anthony and Baby Oliver

Father's day framing

Today we share the Fathers Day story of Melissa, Anthony, and baby Oliver as they shared with us. They’re about to celebrate Anthony’s first father’s day. We enjoyed capturing their relationship and describe why and what they decided to frame for someone they love.

  • How would you describe your husband?

    Anthony is a very kind, caring and loving person, he will do whatever he can to make you happy.

  • What characteristics about him do you cherish the most?

    There are so many characteristics that make Anthony the best father and husband. But if I had to choose just ONE, then I would say his compassion. His compassion for everyone in his life, for the way he treats people, and the way that he approaches life.

  • What do you enjoy most when your family spends time together?

    I love when we spend time together as a family, it doesn’t matter where we are, whether it be in a park, or just at home, just to all spend time together, laughing and making cherished memories as a family. I know they usually say that boys are “mummy’s boys”, but Oliver is really a “Daddy’s boy”. The way that Oliver’s face lights up, and the huge smile that he has when Anthony is around, is something that melts anyone’s hearts when they see it.

  • How would you describe Anthony as a dad?

    Anthony is the most caring, loving and protective first time Dad. I always knew that Anthony would be a great Dad, but to see him interact with our son Oliver just melts my heart, I never knew he could love anyone so much.

  • Are there any qualities you see in Oliver from Anthony’s personality?

    Oliver is a very calm, placid and content baby (lucky us!) Oh and he loves to read, just like his Daddy!

  • Can you tell us a little bit about the photo you framed? Where was it taken? What makes it special?

    The picture we got framed is very special to us, it is the first time that we all went to the park as a family, and it was Oliver’s first ever time on a swing. It is so nice that we can capture and cherish all these “first-time” memories, and frame them so that we can look at them every day and be reminded how lucky we are!

  • What made you want to give this to your husband for Father’s Day?

    I wanted to give this frame to Anthony for Fathers Day, as Anthony is always the one usually behind the camera taking photos, so I knew that Anthony would be over the moon to have such a special moment framed that he can treasure always.

  • How do you feel when you look at your frame?

    When we see the frame hanging in our lounge room, it reminds us of happiness, joy and love, its such a nice thing to come home to and see hanging on the wall, and for visitors when they come to see our cherished memories.

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