Mounting and Matboards for Picture Frames

Mounting and Matboards for Picture Frames

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This is one of three parts of Frames Now’s series on conservation framing:

  • Conservation Framing for Preservation of Framed Artworks

  • Mounting and Matboards for Picture Frames

  • How and Where to Correctly Hang a Picture Frame

Artworks should never touch the glass/glazing of a picture frame.

Inks, pastels, pen, graphite, and paint can transfer off the framed artwork and onto the framing glass, and in cases of humidity or condensation penetrating the frame, moisture trapped inside the picture frame can cause the framed artwork to permanently stick itself to the glass of the frame, thus destroying both the frames glass and the framed artwork itself.

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Framing with matboard examples


  • Space between artwork and glass

    To prevent this damage to the frame and framed artwork, a framing matboard (often referred to by picture framers as mounting board, mount board, card insert and card surround) or spacer must be employed in the picture frame to create space between framing glass and framed artwork.

  • Matboard design

    Whilst also serving this vital functional role in the picture frame, framing matboard design can be key in the overall success of a picture frame design.

    Framing matboards are best used to highlight the framed artwork, and with the huge range of colours available in acid-free framing matboard, it’s easy to frame the artwork by taking cues from the framed artwork itself. When framing matboards are designed correctly, the picture framing can never detract or distract from the framed artwork.

  • Acid-free matboards

    The quality of the framing matboard is a vital part of the framing, as the acids in a low-quality board will actively damage the framed artwork over time, which discolours the framed artwork. For this reason, you should always specify to a picture framer to use an acid-free matboard, or for even greater preservation, a cotton rag board is the best option.

    Frames Now uses only acid-free and cotton rag matboards to protect your framed artwork, and ensure its longevity.

Bring your precious art into your nearest Frames Now store today, so that we can guide you in the safest and best way to present it once framed.

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