Photo collage walls

Photo collage walls

Photo collage walls

Who doesn’t love a great photo collage wall? Not only does it provide endless amusement for you and your family but visitors love to peruse your walls, providing many memories to explore through conversation.

However, there are some guidelines recommended when it comes to creating the perfect photo collage wall, whilst still making it personal. Frames Now is your ‘one stop shop’ for helping you appreciate that photo collage wall for years to come.

What is the step-by-step guide to creating my photo collage walls?

Each photo collage wall is going to vary greatly depending on the subject or theme of your wall, how large your space is and how conservative you would like your framing to be.

  • Choose your subject

    There are so many photos, artworks and posters you can put in your frames. Photo collage wall’s are often deeply personal so picking a theme such as ‘family’ or ‘travel memories’ or ‘favourite things/people’, can help you narrow your search.

  • Find your favourites

    In order to condense your selection, pick your favourite 10-20 images.

  • Measure the wall space

    Where you will hang your photo collage walls (so we can know how many frames and what size frames to place in the area).

  • Visit Frames Now

    By visiting your nearest Frames Now, the helpful framing assistant can aid in helping you to crop, convert your photo to black and white and advise on the quality of your photos (N.B. we can print photos from your phone! But this is dependent on how large you would like to print).

  • Choose your style

    Your framing assistant will ask what style you would like in your house, often drawing inspiration from the decor you currently have i.e. black & white, beach theme, white and bright or colourful. This will inform them on what frames they will offer you.

  • Print, mat, frame

    We can print, cut mats & frame for you at any of our Frames Now stores

What photo collage layouts can I choose?

There are no hard and fast rules for how to hang your frames, sometimes it is more of an intuitive process. However, depending on how large your wall space, the dimensions of your frames and the decor in your space will help you to decide.

Here are some ideas to get you started

  • Square blocks

    Great for if you have all square frames. Lay your frames out in a 9 frame or 12 frame grid.

  • Centred

    If you have one large frame, place this in the middle and have your other frames placed symmetrically around this.

  • Tetris

    Still arranged symmetrically, the sides of the frames will all line up on your photo collage walls.

  • Mix & match

    If you have a lot of random sized frames as well as ovals or circles.

  • Up & down

    Pick a middle line on your photo collage walls and arrange your first frame with the bottom bar lining up with this line. Then the next frame, line the top bar up with line.

Be inspired by our framing portfolio

What are the do’s and don’ts of photo collage walls?

As each person is unique, so are photo collage walls! Because they often reflect the personality of their owner, it can often be quite eclectic. Frames Now boasts Australia’s largest range of ready-made frames as well as providing custom framing solutions. We can also print & cut mat boards in many of our stores state-wide. Here are a few tips for photo collage walls

  • Keep it simple

    Pick a colour theme and stick with it. If you like black & white, perhaps convert all your photos to black & white. This saves the viewer’s eyes jumping all over the wall and creates a calm viewing experience.

  • Hang your frames properly

    By hanging the frames securely and properly, it makes sure the photo collage wall looks tidy.

  • It pays to use premium frames

    With timber & glass as well as mat boards to conserve your images. This means your frames will be re-useable if you decide to update your photo collage walls one day!

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