Picture Framing Class: Mounting Artwork for Picture Framing

Picture Framing Class: Mounting Artwork for Picture Framing

How to mount artwork and photos to matboard – Picture Framing Classes

When attaching your artwork, picture, or photograph to a matboard it is important to allow the paper to expand and contract naturally with temperature and humidity change. Doing so prevents warping and wavering of the paper and also allows the adhesive to remain secure.

To achieve this apply acid-free framing tape to the back of your artwork, picture, or photograph along the top edge only, this is known as the hinge method.

Vacuum Pressing

An alternate method Frames Now offer is to vacuum press and glue the media to an acid-free backing board. A vacuum press machine will remove all air between the artwork and backing board resulting in flawless presentation year-round keeping the artwork flat as well as preventing bloating towards the glass.

This is also a great way to mount artwork on canvas which can’t be stretched and allows the use of picture frame mouldings with shallow rebate depths. Over time, if an artwork is in direct contact with the glass surface, ink from photos or print and paint from artworks can release and stick to the glass. Whilst being useful as an aesthetic component to picture framing, a matboards practical application is to prevent the artwork medium from touching the glass.

It is a Frames Now priority that all framed content is protected and conserved beyond the lifetime of a frame.

Frames Now conduct classes in the basics of picture framing. These picture framing classes are not about making the frames but rather “how-to” specifics about frame style and colour choice, picture framing design aesthetics, proper use of matting, choice of picture frame glass, stretching of oil paintings, printed canvas, tapestries, needlework and embroideries.

At Frames Now we are always available to give advice and support for all your picture framing needs.

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