Custom Framing for Signed Football Jumpers

Custom Framing for Signed Football Jumpers

Sports memorabilia is a popular collectible. In Australia, framed football jumpers (or guernseys) are among the most popular football memorabilia.

Custom framing for valuable signed jumpers

In the case of signed AFL jumpers, the financial value of this memorabilia is often a key factor in the custom frame design. Expensive football memorabilia needs to be preserved and protected. By preserving a football jersey in a conservation-standard custom frame, the value of the jumper will not be damaged by the framing process.

Important factors of conservation framing include:

  • A strong frame to protect the artwork during transport or storage

  • Conservation-grade UV blocking glass

  • Acid-free matboards (called mats, borders or surrounds)

  • Acid-free backing materials

  • Non-destructive stretching of the jumper

When designing the frame, the team’s colours will always influence the framing design. For example, a Hawthorn Hawks jumper will be framed with a brown or gold frame. A Collingwood Magpies jumper usually has a black frame and white mats. An Essendon Bombers jumper – you guessed it – black frame, and combination black and red mats. However, frame design is unique and personal. Frames Now will always show you the most appropriate design for you.

Using pre-made stock or kit frames

In a situation where conservation isn’t vital, pre-made or DIY kit frames are an option. These are especially popular for framing school sport jumpers because they are usually cheaper than a custom frame, a pre-made jumper frame is also good for auctions and fundraisers.

Stock frames come as kits, in black or mocha timber, and can be assembled by the purchaser. Alternatively, the jumper can be professionally fit to a kit frame. Adding a plaque will increase the professional look of the frame.

Any sports jumper can be fit to a Frames Now’s DIY jersey frame kit, from soccer, hockey and basketball jerseys, to baseball and motorsport jackets.


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