Jigsaw Puzzle Framing

Jigsaw Puzzle Picture Framing

Jigsaw Puzzle Framing

At Frames Now, our picture framers specialise in difficult framing jobs, and picture framing for jigsaw puzzles is no different. We hear all the time about picture framers in Melbourne who refuse jigsaw puzzle picture framing, because of the risk of handling the loose jigsaw puzzle pieces and that they have difficulty getting the pieces flat into a picture frame.

There is a couple of simple ways to bring in a jigsaw puzzle ready for framing. If it is not yet glued down, bring it in sandwiched between two boards, and let the Frames Now picture framers take care of glueing/adhering the jigsaw puzzle for you. Our vacuum bed allows us to get each and every jigsaw piece 100% flat, for a truly professional fitting to your framed jigsaw puzzle.

Alternatively, you can glue it down at home and bring it in attached to a board. Common picture frame MDF or foamcore backing, known as an assembly board, can be purchased from Frames Now if you don’t have a suitable backing material.

Tip: Games World sells a range of puzzle glue which is handy to keep your puzzle pieces together for transport!

Ready-made picture frames

We have Australia’s largest range of ready-made picture frames suitable for jigsaw puzzle framing that can be bought in-store or online.

Because jigsaw puzzles come from all over the world, it can be hard to find a pre¬made or standard size picture frame to fit them. Again, Frames Now has the solution for you! While custom jigsaw puzzle picture framing is always an option and allows you to choose from hundreds of picture frame moulding styles (from gold and silver to walnut timber and black and white finishes), an alternative approach is to use one of Frames Now’s stock picture frames, with the addition of an acid-free mat board to further compliment your framed jigsaw puzzle.

Bring your jigsaw puzzle in for a Frames Now picture framer to tackle today!

Video: How to frame a jigsaw puzzle

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