Movie Poster Framing

Movie Poster Framing

One of our more popular items to frame are movie posters. This includes prints, collectibles, posters once displayed in cinemas, down to limited-run art stills and everything in between. Hang your favourite movie poster in a home theatre, your lounge room or your favourite place in the house. Movie Poster Framing is a great way to help your home feel customised. At Frames Now, we love turning your memorabilia into framed art to proudly display in your home.

Your favourite movie poster framing

There are so many amazing movie genres. Is your favourite movie an arthouse classic? A blockbuster?

  • Action and adventure

  • Comedy

  • Superhero

  • Disney

  • Western

  • Vintage

  • Horror

If you’re looking to redecorate your home with movie poster framing, you may wish to purchase a digital download from a marketplace such as Etsy. Once you have the file, print and frame with our easy to use Online Custom Frame Designer.

What frame should you choose for your movie poster framing?

Everyone is different, but we do find that lots of people who come in to get their movie posters framed, do prefer sleek black frame. A popular choice for movie poster framing are the 90 x 60cm or the 100 x 70cm frames.

  • Black and silver aluminium frames

  • Black and white box frames

  • Raw oak frames

  • Gold and silver ornate frames

  • Mocha and walnut timber frames

Passionate about movie memorabilia?

Some people are passionate about their movie posters and movie memorabilia and if you’re one of them, you can visit one of our stores and have a chat with one of our specialists. Some things to discuss with one of our specialists when framing your piece are

  • Custom framing to increase the choice of frame style or size

  • Using acid free materials to extend the life of the poster

  • Protecting the poster against UV damage

  • Using non-reflective materials

  • Considering using glass or acrylic

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