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Bathroom Picture Framing Tips

Black Timber Framing


We humans spend a lot of time in the bathroom – according to some statistics, the average human spends 1.5 years of their life in the bathroom! And yet, most bathrooms look pretty dull. But it doesn’t have to be this way! An easy, inexpensive way to spruce up your bathroom – without springing for a full remodel! – is with picture frames. Even a cheap and cheerful print can look fantastic – and far more expensive than it really is – in a quality bathroom picture framing with a carefully considered design.

And honestly, if you’re going to spend 1.5 years in there, don’t you think you should enjoy looking at those walls?

Frames can look stunning anywhere in your bathroom – next to the vanity, either side of a window – wherever you’ve got wall space, you’ve got space for a picture frame.


So, what frames will suit my bathroom?

In short, whatever frames tickle your fancy! As most bathrooms tend to be white, we would suggest steering away from a white frame – unless the white-on-white look is what you’re going for! Frames come in a vast array of colours and styles – you could dress up your bathroom with a fancy gilded frame, or keep it simple with a sleek black frame design.

The only no-no in a bathroom picture framing is a raw timber frame. Raw timber frames have no protective coating to prevent the wood from swelling and warping in the warm humidity of a bathroom. But never fear, there are plenty of picture frames out there with the look of raw wood, but with that all-important protective coating! Your professional picture framer should be able to give you expert advice on framing for your bathroom’s conditions – so drop in and ask about it!

Black timber framing


What prints should I be looking for?

Good question! In a monochrome bathroom, black and white photographs can look stunning, especially if they are high contrast, that is, with lots of dark areas and highlights. Portraits of your family, or detailed nature shots: the content is up to you, but no matter what pictures you choose, your black and white images will look fabulous, especially when paired with a chic black frame. You might even try recessing the photos back into the frame for a dramatic “shadow box” effect!

Sometimes, of course, you might want to offset all that monochrome by introducing some bright, bold colours. Many contemporary artists produce brightly coloured prints of their original artworks, so you can purchase the art you love for a fraction of the price! For a brightly coloured print, a simple, classic frame design will allow the detail of the print to shine through. You can introduce a small sliver of colour in your mat design to tie your frame and print together, and ta-da! A beautiful, bright custom frame to liven up your bathroom!


Variety is the spice of life … and your bathroom picture framing.

With bathrooms mostly being cut from the same cloth (think white tiles, white vanity, and square shapes everywhere), sometimes you might want to add some variety to your bathroom decor. One option for spicing up your bathroom is to create a picture wall. Your bathroom picture framing wall should have several different frames, in various sizes and styles. Don’t go too crazy, however: the frames and pictures should all complement each other and create a harmonious overall design. If this sounds tricky, don’t worry, the expert picture framing consultants at Frames Now all have years of experience in art and design, and can help you choose a variety of frames for your wall that will look fabulous when all hung together.

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So what are you waiting for? Drop in to see your expert picture framers today and get your bathroom looking fabulous!

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