Canvas Stretching

Canvas Stretching

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What is canvas stretching?

Canvas stretching is a technique using specific tools to pull the canvas taut over a timber frame (stretcher bars) so that it is ready for display.

Whether you bought your canvas from travelling in Bali or Vietnam or you have inherited a vintage oil painting, Frames Now can help.

TIP: Did you know that we also print your photos or art on canvas? If you are looking for free art to print we recommend Unsplash.

Why should I stretch my canvas?

There are many reasons why we would recommend stretching your canvas with Frames Now.

  • It preserves your canvas artwork as it stops it from becoming wrinkled, torn or cracked

  • All Frames Now canvases come ready for display with hanger attached

  • It is completely reversible, so you can decide to ‘un-stretch’ it for storage

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How do we stretch your canvas?

The steps involved in stretching your piece remain the same regardless of the size.

  • Measure the picture on the canvas

    We will measure the face of the canvas. There will be a white or black border around the edge of the image; this will not be seen from the front but will be stretched around the sides of the stretcher bar.

  • Choose stretcher bar

    We have two stretcher bars to choose from.

    1. The first option is 30mm deep by 30mm wide.
    2. The second is 20mm deep by 40mm wide.
      The second option would mainly be used when the artist has not given much white space to stretch the piece over the stretcher-bar. We want to avoid cropping into any part of your image.
  • Cut the stretcher bars to fit the dimensions of your canvas.

    Although the stretcher bars will not be seen, we still need to create a frame for the canvas to be stretched over.

  • Using special tools, stretch the canvas over the frame.

    So the canvas does not sag over time, we need to hold your canvas taut, securing the piece in place, stapling the white space to the back of the stretcher bars.

Can I still frame my canvas after it is stretched?

Yes! Frames Now boasts a variety of stretcher frames as well as float frames which we would use to frame your piece.

  • Our float frames are professionally custom cut and fitted to suit the dimensions of your piece

  • The float frames cover the sides of your exposed canvas with a 5mm gap between canvas and frame

  • Canvas float frames come in a variety of colours, grains and depths to suit the aesthetic of your home or office

How much will it cost?

Prices in Melbourne vary widely from retailer to retailer. At Frames Now, our prices are competitive and there is no surcharge for stretching canvas as all of our stretcher bars are handcrafted.

The price is dependent on the dimensions of your artwork and the stretcher bar you choose.

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