Jigsaw puzzle framing

Whether it’s an old vintage map or a brand new map of your favourite country, city or suburb, Frames Now have framed it all! There are different approaches we will take depending on the historicity of the map and how large it is. We offer a range of framing solutions for maps including ready-made frames, block mounting and custom framing.

Using ready-made frames to frame your map

Frames Now offer Australia’s largest range of ready-made frames in Australian, European and American sizes. From 12.7 x 12.7cm through to 100 x 70cm and many in between including square frames, panoramic and rectangle frames.

We have many different colours, profiles & designs depending on your preference:

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Custom framing your map

Custom framing is the best solution for your map. By using custom framing, Frames Now can build a frame that will perfectly match and protect your map.

The different things we can when custom framing your map:

  • Hot-press the map to foam core

    This will mean we stick your map down completely to a non-acidic backing board. It will lay completely flat within the frame and won’t ripple over time. You really only want to do this when it is a new map and not something you would like removed from the backing board.

  • Using mat boards to float your map and preserve it

    Vintage maps can have beautifully rough raw edges that lend to the aesthetic of the map frame so it is best to float your map on a mat board. You can also use a mat board opening or a spacer to separate the map from the glass so it does not adhere over time.

  • Matboard cutting

    Frames Now computerised matboard cutting machines produce precision cuts for matboards of all sizes, shapes and colours.

  • Having UV protected glass

    We recommend Conservation Clear glass or Gallery glass (also known as Museum glass) in order to protect your map from UV rays and further damage.

  • Using layered mat boards, rebate liners or stacking your frames

    If you want to really make the most of your map framing, we can give you the ultimate design through layering different coloured frames or mats on top of one another or using a mat lined rebate to create depth.


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Where can you frame your map?

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