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We are in constant awe of the amazing posters produced by the Night Sky. We have had so many customers buying Night Sky frames in store and on-line with the most touching stories. The stories have ranged from first date, first kiss, wedding anniversary, sad loss of a child to the date a event has changed their lives. One such event was a couple that had the Night Sky produced to signify the Same Sex Marriage changes in Australia. Last Saturday at our Werribee framing store, we had a lady rush in to get A Night Sky poster framed that she was to present to the bride and groom that afternoon to celebrate the wedding that was to be.

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Night Sky Frames

The Night Sky posters are a standard size 18×24 inch frame available in store or on line. The publishers have produced them on 190gsm fine art paper ensuring the best quality. Whilst Frames Now has no affiliation with the publishers it gives us great joy to see the pleasure customers have seeing their Night Sky posters framed. There is essentially two ways customers have had them framed, firstly a straight fit into a 18×24 inch frame, or with a mat board into a 22×28 inch frame. Both these framing are available from any of our retail store or online. The frames complete with glass and backings and pricing starts from $44.10 for a simple black frame, complete with glass and backing.

For Night Sky frames straight into a 18×24 inch (61×45.7 cm) frame click here

For Night Sky frames with a mat (Mount) board 22×28 inch (71.1x56cm) click hereĀ 

Choose a mat (mount) board for your 22×28 inch frameĀ Click here

The most common framing options are in either black or white, but as this is a standard size picture frame, there is many other framing options.

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The posters come with either a black, white or navy background and your choice of text. We have seen them all are hard pressed to pick our favourites, they all look great. We haven’t seen a Night Sky Frame that we don’t think is great.

What is very important is the customer handling of the posters. These posters are so rich with such a amasing depth of ink, they really do need very carefully handling. They are easily scuffed with customers excitement of taking them out of the tube. For easy DIY Night Sky framing we recommend you take the poster out of the frame and leave overnight to relax the paper. This extra step, despite your enthusiasm to get it framed and up on the wall, will making the framing of your Night Sky poster, so much easier.