How Much Is a Custom Frame?

There’s no skirting the fact that yes, custom frames can be expensive. Key phrase here being can be, not always are.

There are several factors that influence the cost of custom frames, including the size of the piece, the style of the frame, glazing preservation requirements, and not forgetting the delicateness of whatever is being framed. The value and delicateness of the piece are often linked. The more valuable the piece is, the more likely you are to want particular care to be taken with the frame to ensure the piece is properly protected and preserved.

Even when it is sentimental rather than monetary value.

Remembering that earlier we suggested that custom framing isn’t always expensive, there are a few ways of approaching custom framing to keep the costs down.

How to Custom Frame on a Budget

Custom framing your pictures on a budget does not mean having to settle for low-quality frames that do little to showcase the piece or protect it from damage. What you are framing will influence your approach.

Online Custom Framing

Modern technology means you can have pictures custom framed without ever setting foot in a framing store. However, online custom framing is best suited to framing photos, prints, posters, and certificates. Online custom framing is not suitable for extremely large pictures. Typical size ranges for this type of custom framing start at 10cm x 10cm up to 1 metre x 1 metre, and almost every size combination in between. Just remember that the size you select is that of the actual artwork; the finished frame will naturally be a little larger.

The frame styles are less ornate, but still stylish, and can include a mat board if you desire. Quality Picture Framing glass is used, and all frames are handcrafted at our workshop. What makes online custom framing great for framing on a budget is that you see the actual cost immediately, which could be less than $100 for a small frame, to a little more than $200 for large frames. Your frame is shipped to you direct for a seamless online shopping experience.

In-Store Custom Framing

When framing large or valuable artwork, and even memorabilia, it is usually better to speak to a framing professional for expert advice. Given the size limits for online custom framing, anything larger than 1m wide or tall can only be framed in-store. The same applies to valuable or irreplaceable items, and most types of memorabilia. Your item may require an extra level of care and protection not offered by most online framing services. This doesn’t only apply to how the piece is handled, but also to the type of glass used to cover the piece, and the backing. And with memorabilia, you could either want the way it is framed to tell a story or guide the eye of the viewer. Not forgetting that mementos are not always flat, requiring special framing techniques.


But it is still possible to custom frame pieces in this way on a budget. This means telling the framer what your budget is before they start recommending framing options. You’ll find that the range of framing materials and styles is much larger than what you have access to online. But this also means differences in the cost. Knowing what your budget is allows the framer to recommend styles and materials that fall within that range and still do an outstanding job of enhancing and protecting your artwork.


There is no straight answer to how much a custom frame costs. But with Frames Now, you have access to online custom framing and in-store custom framing, always allowing you to work within your own budget. Not sure where to start? Try asking one of our framing professionals by visiting one of our stores around Melbourne, calling us, or submitting your question online.

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