What Is Custom Framing?

Custom framing is exactly as described; Hand crafted, made to measure picture frames designed specifically to suit your artwork, objects or memorabilia.

Alongside a framing specialist, you can select from a wide range of picture frame mouldings, glazing options, matboards and more, and the picture frame will be created to the exact dimensions of your piece.


Custom picture frames are the right solution if you wish to mount and frame your artwork or object, ensure it stands the test of time.


Though custom framing may mean waiting a little longer for your frame to be completed, it may be the right choice than an off the shelf ready-made picture frame as there are several important benefits to consider.

Made To Fit Your Artwork Perfectly

Ready-made frames are available in a broad range of sizes, but tend to favour standard, popular dimensions. These include standard photos sizes such as 6×4”, 8×10” and A4 through to A0. If you’re framing memorabilia, objects, or handmade artwork, its likely these pieces won’t fit neatly into these standard ready-made sizes.


Even if you are framing photographs, you might want an arrangement of multiple photos that breaks the bounds of standard sized frames. With custom framing you can ensure that the frame perfectly accommodates your artwork or object, even if the piece is wider or taller than normal.

Ask About Their Selection and Services

When custom picture framing, you have the option to use specific preservation materials, such as our range of UV resistant glass and archival matboards.


Considerations on the location of your frame and the value of your piece should be discussed with your framing specialist so you can select the right protection choices.

Enhances Your Artwork

With custom framing, you’re not only able to choose the best materials and colour of the frame to naturally enhance the piece being framed. You can also work with the framing specialist to select the best colour, texture, and shape of the matboard used. Don’t believe you are limited only to simple shapes and colours, with custom framing, custom matboards should also be available. And this doesn’t only mean non-standard shapes, it should also allow for layering of matboards to further enhance the piece. If you’re a novice to custom framing, your framing specialist will be able to advise on the best options and explain how they enhance the artwork.


Custom framing is not unlike going to a tailor or designer for a new outfit. Sure, you can easily pick a new suit or dress off the racks at any number of clothing stores. But, aside from it not being unique, it is also unlikely to fit you as perfectly as an outfit that is made-to-measure.

There are many pictures that can be framed to great effect using premium, ready-made frames. But there are many reasons too why you should choose custom framing for certain artworks, or for mounting memorabilia and precious mementos.

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