How to attach artwork to a matboard

If your paper artwork is not mounted onto a backing board, it is important to attach it to the matboard from the top only. This method is called ‘hinging’, which helps your artwork remain flat when fitted in the frame and assists to conserve it.

As paper picks up and releases moisture in the air, it expands and contracts. Hinging allows for this natural movement. It also preserves your artwork by minimising the amount of adhesive attached to it. We recommend a professional framer’s tape.


  1. Place your artwork face down on a clean, flat surface. Apply a strip of tape to the BACK OF THE ARTWORK and across the TOP EDGE ONLY so that half of the tape overhangs the edge of the paper.
  2. Turn your artwork over so it’s face up. Align your matboard over your artwork ensuring any borders are straight and all edges of the paper are covered. Once in the correct position, press it down onto the tape to secure it.
  3. Carefully turn over the matboard and artwork and press the tape down firmly to ensure it’s properly adhered.