How to fit a premium aluminium picture frame


  1. With the frame face down on a solid flat surface (e.g. tabletop), remove the black rubber gaskets from around the inside edge of the frame.
  2. At two adjacent corners of the frame, loosen two screws only, allowing one long side of the frame to be removed (see diagram). Set aside the removed frame length.
  3. With care, slide the glass and MDF backing out TOGETHER from the three-sided frame and set on a solid flat surface with the glass side facing down.
  4. Lift away the MDF backing and position your artwork face down on the glass. Then pick up the glass and backing together and slide back into the three-sided frame.
  5. Align and reattach the removed frame length, holding the corners square whilst screws are tightened.
  6. Return the black rubber gaskets to the inside edges of the frame and wedge them in as far as possible. Depending on the thickness of your artwork, these may not go in as far as when the frame was empty.


Aluminium frames have a cord hanger fitted by default in the horizontal position. Follow the steps below to change the hanger to portrait or adjust its height.

  1. Remove the legs of the hairpin hanger by unhooking them from the aluminium channel. Then squeeze the legs together and twist the hanger to release it from the frame.
  2. Reposition the hairpin hanger into the vertical channel approximately a third of the way down from the top. Place the rounded end in first, followed by the legs.
  3. Hook the legs back into the aluminium channel.
  4. Shorten the cord as required.

TIP: Use a flat head screwdriver to remove the legs of the hairpin hanger and to replace into the aluminium channel.