IMPORTANT! Never remove the glass from the frame.

How to Frame a Jersey


  1. Iron/press the jumper so it looks as increased as possible.
  2. Bend back the tabs on the back of the frame to allow you to remove the MDF backing board and mat board backing from the frame. DO NOT REMOVE THE GLASS.
  3. Cut the foamcore to the shape of the jumper. Importantly, it needs to be a very tight fit to ensure the finished result looks good – this should slightly stretch the jumper.
  4. Place the trimmed foamcore shape inside the jumper.
  5. position the hook part of the velcro on the back of the jumper and the eye part of the velcro to the rear of the matboard backing.
  6. Position the jumper with the foamcore shape inside if ut against the rear matboard backing. The Velcro will stop the jumper moving whilst fitting to the frame and when completed, hanging.
  7. Put the jumper and the backing board back into the frame, followed by the MDF backing, straighten the metal tabs and you are finished.


If the glass needs cleaning, so it in the frame. Do not try to remove the glass from the frame.

Plaques are optional and not included in the kit.