IMPORTANT! Never remove the glass from the frame.

How to fit a McKenzie & Whittingham picture frame

  1. Place the frame face down on a flat surface such as a table, bench or the floor. Carefully bend back the metal tabs holding the backing board into the frame.

    TIP: Use a flat head screwdriver or blunt knife to help bend the metal tabs up and down.
  2. Remove the backing board from the frame and set aside, ensuring you LEAVE THE GLASS IN THE FRAME. If the glass needs a clean, do this while it is still in the frame, as the glass will break if you attempt to remove it.
  3. Place your artwork face down on the glass.
  4. Carefully replace the backing board into the frame and bend the metal tabs back down to secure it in place.
  5. Using a screwdriver, screw the supporting metal brackets to the sides of your frame.
  6. It is recommended to seal the back of the frame by applying Framers Tape around the edges of the backing board. This will prevent any bugs from entering inside the frame and causing damage to your artwork.